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Outstanding Reunion!

Created on: 08/25/09 06:58 PM Views: 1707 Replies: 1
Outstanding Reunion!
Posted Tuesday, August 25, 2009 01:58 PM

There ARE certain advantages to not seeing each other for 10 to 20 years:

    My reunion experience was like opening presents on Christmas morning! Going up to someone, anyone, with a name tag with "SHS Class of 1969" at the top and seeing the face that fit the name was so exciting to me! Some people I recognized at first glance, and others took a few seconds to place, but I could always remember what they looked like as children, or later as teenagers,  many of them having gone to school with me from elementary grades on! Eric Murdock, for instance, was in my first grade! You all seemed like family to me, and it was like one great big family reunion! I loved every minute of it. (I never expected to love you all this much as adults back when we were kids, and I regret that there were a few people with whom I didn't get to connect.)

   This website also contributed to the qulaity of the experience because we who took advantage of it had plenty of conversational triggers to start with--no awkward standing around staring at each other like the two sexes did during the first hour hour of each middle school dance, huh? Thanks to all who helped make the entire day so wonderful--the tour, the lunch at "Maestro's," where many of us connected, getting to express our love and gratitude to our wonderful teachers that evening.... It was a joyful, journal-worthy event.

   Love to all who were there and all who weren't, whom I especially hope to see the next time around!

Amanda Bunton



RE: Outstanding Reunion!
Posted Wednesday, August 26, 2009 03:01 PM

I agree with Amanda.

We all owe the committee much thanks.  It would not have been nearly as good without the committee's efforts!

Best,  Karl Stauber