Mary Lynn Copeland Morris

Profile Updated: January 17, 2014
Residing In: Apex, NC USA
Spouse/Partner: Bob Morris
Occupation: School Nurse from 1996-20012. Retired Jan. 2012.
Children: Daughter Lindsay, born 1984. She went to college there and now lives in Charleston, SC. Lindsay is in More…grad school at The Citadel for school guidance counseling. We're always looking for an excuse to go to Charleston- one of our favorite places.

Son Addison, born 1986. He is a musician and guitar teacher and is currently living in Apex.

No marriages or grandchildren yet!
Yes! Attending Reunion
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I have been a school nurse since 1996, first working in Wake County Schools. Last summer I switched to the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools, and I am the full time nurse for a new elementary school near Carrboro. I have always worked with children in my professional career. I love being a school nurse. My husband Bob works in the anesthesia department at UNC-CH Hospital. We briefly lived in Beaufort, SC around 2005. Other than then we have lived in the same house in downtown historic Apex since 1976. It is an area that we truly love.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2008. I have finished surgery and chemo, and I am in recovery and maintenance care at this time. My prognosis is excellent, but I am still working on regaining my energy, stamina, and HAIR! I am not sure yet if I will feel up to attending the Reunion. I start back to work that week, and I have a treatment the day before the Reunion. I often do not feel well the day after. Hopefully I will decide that I can make the trip.

Thanks to all of you that have worked on the committee and on this website especially. It has been great to catch up on the lives of so many of you. If I do not see you guys at the reunion, please know that I will be with you in spirit. I have so many fond memories of so many of you. Best wishes to all.

School Story:

Costi helping all of us survive Senora Johnson's Spanish class. Johnson would go around the room and have each of us interpret a sentence. We would count ahead to figure out the sentence we would need to read. Half of us would sleep on our desk until it was our time to speak. Sometimes we would get messed up or not know what we were supposed to read. If Costi picked up that someone was about to get into trouble, he would jump up and tell Mrs. Johnson that he had heard that she had dated Fidel Castro when she lived in Cuba. She would go BALLISTIC, screaming, " No lika Fidel, Costi! No lika Fidel! No date Fidel." It never failed to divert her- we all passed. Thanks Mr. Mayor!

Also have great memories of crowding into cars to go to Friday night football games- with Gary Moran riding with a pile of us girls and keeping us entertained the whole time.

There are a lot of great memories, but I really remember how blessed we were with our community. We had some wonderful parents and teachers that looked out for us and cared about us. I am grateful to many of your parents who drove us places, chaperoned beach trips, and made us feel welcome in so many homes. That was a wonderful time to live in Statesville.

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Hope you are having the best birthday ever!!! Happy, happy birthday. After 40 years of teaching, I finally retired and its great. I ride my motorcycle with my husband, we boat and jet ski on Lake Norman, play a little golf and I get to read as much as I want. Life is very good. I hope you are living life to the fullest also. Again, happy birthday. (Rita Money Carter)

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MO!!!! It’s your birthday!!!!! Happy, happy!! Love ya! Modine Gunch

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Hope you have an excellent birthday Mary! Enjoy!!!

Feb 13, 2014 at 12:08 AM

Hope you had a great day Barbara! Weather caused me a computer delay today. Enjoy your year!! Mary Lynn

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